Wax Removal

Wax is a normal and healthy part of the ear system. It keeps out nasty bacteria , bugs and helps carry out debris.

Wax is a normal and healthy part of the ear's ability to help clean, lubricate and protect itself from bacteria, bugs and moisture and water. Wax exits the ear canal in a very slow, corkscrew style motion but in some cases, this process stops working. While there is no simple answer to explain why this happens, we do know that wax can build up in the ear canal with ageing, narrow or collapsed ear canals, a sloping ear canal and with excess production.

When wax builds up in the ear canal, it can dampen your hearing. If the wax build-up is left for too long it can cause the wax to impact and result in
temporary hearing loss. When left untreated, an infection can develop behind the wax causing pain and other symptoms.

If you experience a build-up of wax in your ear canal, it is important to have your ears properly cleaned. There are a number of ways your audiologist can remove wax from your ears safely and effectively, including:

Water irrigation – your audiologist will carefully insert clean water into your ear to flush the excess wax out.

Micro suction – a gentle method for wax removal that uses suction to remove excess wax. This is ideal for people who suffer regular ear infections or perforations.