Batteries & Accessories

The Hearing Company offers a range of batteries and accessories to ensure your hearing device continues to deliver full and clear sound.

A standard pack of hearing aid batteries will cost €20 and typically last the user six months.

While some hearing aid sales companies offer free batteries with hearing aids, the cost is ultimately bundled into their overall price.

As part of our commitment to you, The Hearing Company is always transparent about pricing and service to give you an accurate picture of your costs.

The Hearing Company also offers:

Hearing aid accessories: including batteries, filters, domes, cleaning tools, drying out boxes and pellets.

Electronic drying station: An electronic and more efficient option for drying out your hearing aid. The station also utilises UV light to kill 99.9% of bacteria.

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Hearing Accessories

Regardless of whether you use hearing aids or not, we stock a range of very effective listening accessories designed to support you in hard-to-hear situations. For example:

Telephones for hard of hearing: for people with family living abroad, the telephone is vital to staying connected. This can be difficult though for people with hearing difficulties.  This clever telephone device streams the phone conversation into both hearing aids to give the user a clearer, fuller sound and the ability to truly enjoy their phone calls.

TV listening devices: hearing loss can impact a person’s enjoyment and understanding of what has been said on the television. Sometimes even raising the volume does not rectify the problem, and if it does, it may cause discomfort for others. The TV Dex streams the television program’s sound directly into the hearing aid to provide a rich and complete sound experience.

Hearing aid remote controls: there are times people can find themselves in a situation where having control of their hearing aid functions would be useful. Imagine being overwhelmed by the noise in a busy pub – and the sense of empowerment you might feel with the ability to control your hearing aids’ volume or the direction in which they take in sound. A hearing aid remote control gives you this freedom and flexibility.

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